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Metal Cutting Blades and Grinding Wheel

Innovative vacuum brazed technology that brings a revolution in diamond distributing and bonding, that allows diamond particle expose at its highest level during cutting.  Compared with conventional abrasive wheel, metal cutting diamond blade last up to 100X longer, less smoke and spark during cutting, same cutting depth at all time, much safer to use and less downtime in changing blades and increase productivity at the job site.

LMC Series

  • Metal cutting blade engineered with vacuum brazed technology

    • Up to 100X longer life than abrasive wheels
    • Less smoke and sparks during cutting
    • Same cutting depth at all time
    • Less chance of breaking compared with abrasive wheel
    • Application: ferrous metals, iron, steel, rebar

    LMGW Series

    • Metal grinding diamond wheel
    • Last up to 200X longer than abrasive wheels  
    • Less sparks and dust
    • Up to 50% grind faster than abrasive wheels
    • Smooth grinding and finishing
    • Application: ferrous metals, iron, steel, rebar